About XX


Quality balm is essential to your lifestyle - whatever that might be. Each Canadian made balm has been poured with a blend of moisturizing ingredients to nourish your lips and a touch of a unique scent. Every XX lip balm has its own character and like people, it's what’s on the inside that counts.

XX Balm was created because we felt lip balm was never done “right”. We wanted a balm in a tube and kept your lips soft for a while so you could go on about your day without cracks and dryness. We make our product in Vancouver, Canada and XX can’t wait to get into your pockets/bags/car (be careful! It can melt)/ behind your dresser/beside your bed… we really could go on.

Be wise and happily honest. Be fresh and thoughtful with your words. Be kind and carefree to be. Most importantly, be joyous with supporting words to others.