I see the word "local" on your gram quite a bit - what does that mean?

I live in Calgary, this crazy vibrant place that has a big city feel.  this product is definitely your local go to if you're from YYC because you're supporting a local business - that is phenomenal and I thank you. if you're from out of town- thank you and know that you're supporting a person who is having a creative crisis. I hope this might be something you can relate to and understand how that could be local to your heart. 

Oh it's all natural, can I eat it then?

Please, oh please do not email me telling me you ate my balm. this balm is meant for moisturizing purposes only.

Testing on animals isn't cool- what are your thoughts on this?

I completely agree with you. I volunteer with a pet organization and have owned a bunny. I cannot fathom the idea of having a local product tested on animals. each balm formula has been tested on my friends with no adverse effects from it’s use.

My lip balm can get grainy- why?

to tell you the truth, I hate when this happens as well. this lip balm has been made from natural ingredients with no emulsifiers, petroleum, palm, or additives so some graininess can happen. Furthermore, this usually happens when shea butter melts and then solidifies slowly. You could potentially put it into your pocket, make it melt and throw it into the freezer. Rest assured, if you stick with the balm grainy or not grainy, the blend will still moisturize your lips. 

This lip balm doesn't smell that strong- why?

to be honest, I work in a closed office space and I hate when people put on strong smelling hand lotion or lip balm because it gives me an instant headache. this product's main goal is to

  1. a) moisturize your lips with good ingredients
  2. b) to be as neutral as possible for everyone to use

EW your balms don't taste like anything?

sorry, I don't make balms for eating. 

Shipping points

if you’re not feeling shipping costs (not going to lie, that extra $5 makes me reconsider everything as well), I am super down to meet up with you on Sundays in a downtown Calgary coffee shop to deliver you your balms. if you would like to do this, send me an email and we can make this happen! 

Allergies and reactions

okay if you get a reaction, I am super sorry in advance and need you to go to the doctor to find out what is happening. XX Cosmetics or myself is not responsible for any occurrences of irritations and we require you to seek medical attention right away. make sure to read the ingredients and use the product for its intentions and within one year of purchase.

I'm unhappy with my lip balm- now what?

well, I'm unhappy you're unhappy. feel free to send me an email at xxlipbalm@gmail.com and I will be happy to remedy the situation.