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be kind and carefree to be: i made this smell after my friend who is a badass because they can be, and then also my dad... a badass in his own way. but, between us, we have these moments in our conversations where their words become like therapy and this softness comes through kind of like lavender- striking to the eye but soft in how you feel.

lavender and vanilla

Use product within one year:

This product is hand poured and developed by me (ie, not a chemist) and therefore the idea of myself playing with preservatives was out of the question. so, due to its au naturel, nude beach idea please use within one year. this product is fresh to death (not actually death, just fresh).


Organic shea butter, beeswax, coconut oil, cocoa butter, honey, sôftē essential oils (XX secret blend- no human tears are in this product... only rainbows)

This product was tested on human family & friends

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